Thank you for visiting Safe Maison (pronounced mé-zon) [meaning Safe Home]. Our home is filled with inspirations and encouragements designed to give you hope, filled with grace and joy.

This season is important to us here at Safe Maison, as we all walk in this valley, we shall fear no evil, for Elohim is with us all. Our S.O.S. Collection (Scriptures on Stuff) embodies that mantra of infusing ourselves with the impenetrable word of GOD.  Let our T-Shirts and Apparels wrap you with motivational bible verses that you can not only keep in you heart, but proudly wear for all to see.  Our site has a full range of items in store for you.

While you're there, be sure to check out our Scriptures on Scrubs and Inspirational Quotes collections as well.

Stay Home, Stay Safe
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Pray without Ceasing - Scrub Top The Lord is My Shepherd - Scrub Top I Can Do All Things Through Christ - Scrub Top God Has Not Given - Scrub Top With His Stripes - Scrub Top

Scriptures on Scrubs

To our medical community, these scrubs are designed to bring peace to you and your patients. Each scripture will give you comfort in knowing that you are not alone.


Inspirational Collectioin

Communication is the best form of intimacy that Our FATHER could have created for us. It is through our words that we are able to convey how we feel about one another. 

Explore this collection for inspired products for your soul.

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